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Chrisvic Logistics provides shipping services from China to Nigeria. Chrisvic Logisitics simply makes it easy to ship goods to any part of Nigeria. When you have a need to ship goods from China to your customer in Nigeria, and you want your customer to receive the goods within 24-48hours, we can help you make it possible without too much hassle. Chrisvic Logistics makes shipping to Nigeria a breeze because our experts in the field helps you to ship any amount of goods including undergoing custom clearing and processing without hassle.

Whether you are shipping large items or small item, there is always a room to accomodate it. We help you select the best option that suits your need. Chrisvic Logistics offers three types of shipping service.

At Chrisvic Logistics, we pack and ship to any corner of Nigeria anything. You can rely on our experts for shipping large items, freight items, valuables, and more. We strive everyday to be your one-stop shipping store. We determine the most effective delivery method based on the item, budget, destination, and timeframe. 

Chrisvic Logistics